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Though I started college looking toward a career in architecture, I ended up turning toward art fairly early on. I majored in Arts and Humanities with a focus in Art Studio at the University of Maryland in College Park. I took a wide variety of creative courses for drawing, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, and painting, as well as some art history and theory courses.

I built a twenty year career off a single Introduction to Computer Graphics course that covered Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, and Quark Xpress, and I'm self taught in InDesign. I'm taking some online courses in things I've been interested in picking up for a while, and which may be useful to me down the road.

I recently completed an online course in basic Web Page Developement. Here's my Certificate.
I learned a lot in that course, and am still learning through Youtube tutorials to expand my knowledge. I've created this webpage for practice, as well as fun. It's basically a portfolio of
some of the work I've done over the years. It's a work in progress and there will be updates
as I continue to learn.

As I do a lot of photo editing in my line of work I figured it would be good to learn a little about photography, and just got a Certificate in Beginner Digital Photography. I still have a bit to learn there, but I have a much better understanding of it than I did before. If only I had a good camera...

I feel the graphic design work I've done over the past several years is a type of marketing, so I've started taking a series of marketing and online advertising courses. I figured this would give me a greater understanding of general marketing practices and principles, as well as some insight into how other departments in a company work.

For the past several years I've been responsible for helping the many clients of a mid-sized direct mail company improve and maintain their customer retention with eye-catching ads and mailers.
I used seasonal and holiday themed artwork to update their 30, 60, & 90 day mailers with a fresh look, and often used Photoshop to enhance dealership photos, and incorporate vehicle and dealership images into their monthly seasonal artwork. Over the years I've learned a lot, and both expanded and improved my skills

In the past year or so our boss and his business partners started a side company focusing on developing an app that would use photos to bring a new layer of personalization to the variable data we apply to mailers. I got to participate in the birth of a company, designing business cards and other documents to give it a consistent brand, and worked with my fellow artist to design the presentation materials that would be used to demonstrate possible uses, and the benefits of using the new app.

I've enjoyed doing numerous freelance projects over they years. This started with a few handouts for a DJ friend looking to announce some upcoming gigs, then a few CD covers I designed for albums to commemorate some friends' weddings. There have been a couple logos, and web banner for my friend's son's lawn care business. But my biggest projects were a series of book covers I designed for local author John Hoffert's series of political intrigue novels, where I created images that symbolized the main themes of the books.

Iíve always enjoyed finding some new way to manipulate an image to make it look better, and have done a lot of photo editing to improve the quality of photos for clients, and place friends and family in humorous situations.